Juvenile Firesetting is an Alarming Problem

Children start up to 40% of all SET fires in America. This is very compelling as these numbers come from the National Fire Incident Reporting System ... and it is estimated that only 10% of all fires in the U.S. ever get reported to fire departments. Fifty percent (50%) of child set fires occur in people's homes and other structures (U.S. Fire Administration).

Arson is the leading crime committed by juveniles, with 55% of all arrests for arson being children. For example: juvenile gun violence receives widespread media attention, but only accounts for 15% of juvenile crime (F.B.I.).

Fire is the leading cause of accidental death in the home for children 5 years old and under (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Firesetting not dealt with has an 81% probability of being repeated because it is a very self-rewarding behavior. No matter what the motivation is, fire can be extremely empowering, fun, daring, interesting, attention getting and destructive.

Appropriate fire prevention and intervention treatment programs work in better than 90% of cases!